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The purity of substances is an all-important concept in chemistry and is often the standard against which all products made in a laboratory are graded to judge their worth. Forget larger and more hazardous impurities  like dirt and other reagents spoiling your product, even something as harmless as water can ruin the purity of a chemical output, and so it needs to be removed thoroughly without spoiling the final product.

Thankfully, there is a way to remove all moisture from a chemical solution, obtaining only the dry salt in a solution without having to subject it to heat and the way to do that is to use Buchner funnel. What’s that? Your laboratory doesn’t have a Buchner funnel? Don’t worry, we at BuchnerFunnel.com have got you covered.


About Us

At BuchnerFunnel.com, we make it our business (literally) to advise our readers on only the best Buchner funnels on the market. We understand how crucial quality is to our customers, so each of the products we recommend is of only the finest quality and designed to work accurately in strict laboratory conditions. Our blog serves to teach readers how to select both Buchner funnels and entire Buchner setups to clients and showcase only the best products from all over the world.


Why Buy A Buchner Funnel

A Buchner funnel is an important piece of apparatus in the setup for separating moisture from a solid through the process of vacuum funneling. A Buchner funnel is prepared with a piece of filter paper, and the solid to be dried is kept inside it. The funnel is then placed on a funnel flask, with a tube extending out to a suction pump to create the vacuum.

Using this setup, all moisture from the solid placed on top of the funnel is sucked through a filter paper and collected in the flask, leaving the solid dry and ready to be collected from the top of the funnel. A Hirsch funnel cannot be used to the same degree of efficiency in this setup since it only allows a small amount of solid to be dried in one go.


The Different Kinds Available

Buchner funnels are available in a variety of materials, namely glass, plastics, ceramic and stainless steel. While glass and plastic funnels are quite readily available and can be bought at relatively cheap rates, the ceramic and stainless steel kinds are more effective in their use in experiments and vacuum funneling setups.

Of the latter two, while ceramic filters are the traditional choice and have been in use for quite some time now, the stainless steel kinds are slowly becoming more popular because of how durable they are and how easy it is to clean them compared to the ceramic and plastic kinds.



No matter the size or material you’re looking for in a Buchner funnel, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for at BuchnerFunnel.com. Even if you’re looking to build your vacuum funneling setup from scratch, we’ll point you to all the tools you’d need right here for your convenience.